sales skills of your team or network with Bitbaxter IB programm

Are you sales team or a content creator who shares a passion for crypto? Turn your influence into affluence and earn money by joining the Bitbaxter IB Program!

Why join us
Up to 50% commission
Earn up to 50% commission in USDT when users sign up via your affiliate link and trade. Our competitive commission rates will help you maximize your earnings.

Industry-leading crypto products

You can easily buy, sell, and trade crypto on Bitbaxter, one of the world’s largest and most trusted crypto exchanges.

Exclusive rewards

You and your invitees can both unlock worth up to $10,000, win a share of up to $2,000,000 in trading competitions, and you can even customize campaigns for your community!

More perks
Dedicated 24/7 support
Anytime you face any issue, our experienced 1-to-1 account manager and customer support will be at your service
Track performance
Keep track of detailed data about your invitees and earnings in real-time, so you can get first-hand data insights
Partner with sub-affiliates
Build and manage your own team, and work together with sub-affiliates to expand your reach

Instant view your profit

You can view in real time how much you earn per time period anytime, anywhere in account on Bitbaxter 

Join us
and start earning with your team

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